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Gold Standard Small-Flake Shavings™




Bedding the stall with Gold Standard Small Flake.

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A multi-screened, pine-flake wood shaving.  Soft, traditional, absorbent, and convenient.

Our newest product!

  • Low dust
  • Soft flake
  • Lofty texture
  • High quality
  • Great value

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Our ultra-compressed bag allows us to ship 1215 bags to a truck.  This saves you money!

Gold Standard bags can be mixed on loads with our Swift Pick Mini-Flake Pine Shaving.


Plastic bag

  • Our bags are water resistant so they can be stored outside.
  • Each pallet is wrapped and capped with plastic to protect product from the weather
  • Our bags have carry gussets for easy handling. The more compact size of the finished bag also makes the bag easy to carry
  • Plastic bags are much stronger and resist tearing
  • Our bags are heat sealed without the use of staples.

Size of bags

  • The more we reduce the size of the pieces of pine shavings in the bag, the lower the expanded volume - but the heavier the bag. So while our Premium Flake is our highest volume expanded package, our Gold Standard small pine flake is second. We compress 5.0 cubic feet into our tidy 2.3 cubic foot bag.
  • Gold Standard is triple screened to achieve this smaller fiber size so it is easier to pick, very absorbent, easy to pick without wasting good bedding, yet retains the aesthetic of a pine shaving. It is a truly remarkable, beautiful but functional shaving.
  • The days of big, heavy shaving bags are over! Know the facts Ė we take our horse bedding business very seriously for you, your horse and our environment.

Remember: Fluffier shavings compress easier than sawdust. So, you get more product with fluffier pieces than you would with sawdust or fine particles. And remember, heavier bags only tell you that the shavings are smaller and/or the moisture content is much higher. Gold Standard is 8% moisture content. The low moisture content is critical in providing high absorbency, even for a traditional flake.

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Made in the U.S.A.

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