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Customer Testimonials

Whether performance horse, best friend or both, bedding our horses on the superior products manufactured by Guardian Horse Bedding has many benefits.

View our "Benefits of Using Guardian Horse Bedding Pellets" flyer.

  • A drier, cleaner stall improves hoof condition by reducing exposure to ammonia and moisture.
  • Cleaner coat.
  • Less buildup at the dock.
  • Superior absorbency will wick away moisture from manure. Horses will stain less and cleanup easier.
  • Reduced occurrence of hock and heel sores. Guardian bedding is dense and provides cushion at pressure points.
  • Provides superior comfort. Guardian Horse Bedding is shock absorbing and supportive.

But don't just believe us, listen to some of our customers!

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Rick Nielsen


I just started using your pellets and they are AWESOME! Your videos are also very helpful. I was able to purchase 12 bags yesterday from Hunt Country Supply in Stanfordville, NY. They tell me the pellets are gaining popularity and they can't keep enough in stock. Thanks for making such a great product. :-) Jane Dinh


Jane Dinh
Jane Dinh on Sherlock, Jane Dinh on Missy, and Jane's young horse, Encanto winning best young horse. All are cared for on Guardian Horse Bedding.


Olympic Medalists Karen and David O'Connor



Guardian Horse Bedding keeps our horses healthy and our grooms happy!  It's easy to use, easy to dispose of.

When it comes to our choice of bedding, Guardian Horse Bedding guards our horses.

Karen and David O'Connor
O'Connor Event Team
Web site


Ken Dressman, a volunteer at the Maker's Mark Secretariat Center is shown with a bag of Guardian Horse Bedding, the official bedding of the center.



"Since we’ve started using Guardian Horse Bedding, here at the Maker’s Mark-Secretariat Center, a Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation facility, our disposal problem has become a thing of the past, the requisite storage space has decreased, our bedding costs have dropped remarkably, and the barn itself is brighter. I’d recommend using Guardian Horse Bedding to any of my associates."

Fred Winter
Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation
Makers Mark Secretariat Center
Kentucky Horse Park



As a professional horseman/clinician, the care of my horses is important.  Horses tend, by Mother Nature, to eat off the ground.  If the horse is not cared for, you can not expect to accomplish anything.  Guardian Bedding has provided an easy to clean, LOW dust, healthy environment for my horses.  Guardian Bedding is easy to use and will decrease your cost of bedding.  The pellets make an easy to carry travel bedding.  I really feel that this bedding was developed by horse loving owners.  I challenge anyone to try Guardian for a month and see if they do not think they are the best on the market.

Come see me at any Horse Expo and I will show you just how great Guardian Bedding is, for that is the only bedding you will find in my stalls.

Jimmy Driver



All of our horses are bedded on Guardian “Swift Pick”… and we love it, as do they. It is so much faster and easier to clean than traditional flake shavings and more absorbent. Dust is virtually eliminated. We use Guardian bedding, when we can, at the events and shows we attend as it is superior to what we would be able to purchase on site. You make an incredible product and we highly recommend Guardian Horse Bedding to everyone.

Thank you Guardian!

Cathy Jones Forsberg


Freckles Norfleet loves Guardian!


Freckles Norfleet (Leo) is a 17H APHA. He is big, young and messy! Guardian bedding makes it so easy to keep him clean. Because it is so absorbent, he doesn’t stain as much. Stall cleaning is a breeze. The bedding is supportive and comfortable for this big horse. We all love Guardian Horse Bedding.

Sandra Tull

Hello Claire

We have just begun our dealership with you and I have to tell you that your product is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST pellet bedding I have come across. We have a dressage training barn in Mi. and have used Equine Fresh, Woody Pet, McCrumb and others for about 2 or 3 years now and I love Guardian!!! I saw Guardian a few years back at a Horse Expo but there were no dealers near us. I am so happy that you included us in you dealer program and proud to promote such a quality product.

Thank you so much
Sandy Tull


The (gentleman) who owns the (place) where we board got a few bags of your shavings - they are great, easy to pick, not dusty, even the worst stall packer in the barn couldn't compress this stuff!!


Kerrie Weir
Kansas City, MO


I've slept on your product when my wife got mad. It is very comfortable.

Mark Willer
Lincoln, NE


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